In a nutshell


It may be clear by now that our main focus is on 'the cloud' and cloud platforms. It would therefore make sense that we generally only feature products that integrate with- or exist- on cloud platforms. This allows us to deliver powerful and tangible results with speed at a reasonable cost.


Below you will see a list of some of the products we broadly make use of to build our solutions for our clients and add real value to their businesses. 


Microsoft Teams


Microsoft...... squad is a team collaboration and communication tool recently released by Microsoft and is one of the biggest moves they have made in recent times. Microsoft themselves state that they envision Teams to largely replace Outlook as the bread and butter tool for business.


Microsoft Teams is however much more than what the marketing description suggests. The main benefit of Teams is that is can be used as a delivery system for apps and solutions to users in a single interface. With an app store just added in a recent update we can expect some exciting developments.



Power BI


Reporting is generally one of the most prominent elements that form part of any solution or system. What good is any system if the information output from that system cannot be interpreted or leveraged for decision making? Insights about information/data is after all far more important than the information itself.


Power BI provides us with the ability to connect to any data source and combine data from multiple sources to deliver truly intelligent reporting solutions. Its seamless integration with the Office 365 platform provides us with total freedom to deliver these solutions effectively to users.



Microsoft Planner


Microsoft Planner generally forms part of most of our implementations and solutions as a standard. The reason for this is that keeping on top of team tasks and projects should be 'a given' in any business. Strangely, many businesses neglect the planning element of tasks and projects because they are too busy (yes, ironic!). They tend to be too busy to address inefficiencies, but are often too busy because they are inefficient - its an inescapable cycle that will continue if not addressed. 


Implementing Microsoft Planner is one of the few areas where we see immediate results that have a large impact on productivity. If productivity can be measured it can also be managed.



Sage Online Tools


We develop websites on a template-based platform which offers a range of professional and creative solutions to enhance your business's image. Your website's look-and-feel is by no means limited; our offering is easily customised.


We're also available to assist with the set up and implementation of e-commerce environments. Click on the 'More Info' button to be re-directed to our partner website.



Sharepoint Online


Sharepoint is a platform we use extensively to build various solutions for our customers. Its flexibility means there aren't many things it cannot do. Standard functionality includes team document management, team collaboration and company intranet capabilities.


Sharepoint also serves as a backbone for many of the other Office 365 services.