The low-down


It may be clear by now that our main focus is on 'the cloud' and cloud platforms. It would therefore make sense that we generally only feature products that integrate with or exist on cloud platforms. Doing this gives us the ability to deliver powerful and tangible results with speed at a reasonable cost.


Below you will see a list of some of the products we broadly make use of to build our solutions for our clients and add real value to their businesses. 


Customer Relationship Management


Without customers a business will not grow or even survive. It would therefore make sense to prioritise your customers by providing them with the best service your business can deliver. Investing in a good CRM system means that you can deliver the service your customers deserve and stay on top of new sales and leads. 


Owing to the importance of sound customer relationship management, we here at Newfangled have introduced I Globe CRM systems to ensure smooth and effective management of customers within your organisation. 



Project Management


Disorganised or failed projects can cost businesses dearly and more often than not those failures would easily have been avoided had the progress on tasks been managed and tracked properly. The time and effort put into building a good project and task management system within which employees and managers can operate is not just beneficial but crucial to the success of any business.




Business Intelligence


Most businesses gather data through systems and keep that data in multiple data sources. What most businesses don't do is actually make use of that data in a way that assists them in making better decisions or gaining insights that can lead to opportunities. With business intelligence we take the data that already exist and present it in a way that businesses can easily consume take advantage of.



App Development


Development of applications has traditionally been an extremely costly exercise and usually reserved for those businesses with deep pockets. With the emergence of some new technologies and platforms that is changing however and we can solve very specific business problems through cost effective development.